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Unitronic Performance Exhaust Upgrades for 8V Audi® A3®

Aug 16th, 2016 Products

Unitronic is pleased to present its Performance Exhaust Upgrades for the 8V Audi® A3®. Unitronic's Exhaust Systems are a direct bolt-on, providing hardware support complementing its Performance Software to achieve maximum performance without sacrifice.

Unitronic's philosophy in designing Performance Hardware starts by first analyzing the factory component(s) in various street and track environments to determine overall performance and likely limitations beyond certain power levels. Through analysis of the data collected, along with engine calibration and engineering principles applied, goals were set forth; optimization of exhaust gas flow and limiting backpressure on the turbine were top priority from a functional, performance oriented standpoint. In addition to these, all of Unitronic Performance Hardware products must ensure precise OEM-like fitment and top tier component quality. All of this must be met without sacrifice, while also ensuring a competitive performance to cost ratio for our end-users.

Audi A3 Turbo-Back - Unitronic

All of Unitronic's Performance Hardware products are designed using our in-house 3D scanner and modeling software. With these industry-leading resources in-house at our disposal, design aspects and fitment tolerances are at the maximum precision of up to four one-thousands of an inch. The result ensures maximum fitment precision on each and every Unitronic Performance Hardware product. After platform constraints and OEM components are 3D scanned, all data is imported into our modeling software, where we can analyze and interact with the chassis constraints to design an upgraded performance-oriented exhaust system to fit these constraints, as mentioned, perfectly; while ensuring that technical aspects and engineering principles are deployed.

The exhaust gasses flow through the 200-cell metallic matrix high-flow catalysts, located in the factory position for maximum efficiency along with an OEM-inspired heat shields to reduce radiant heat dispersing into the engine bay.

Unitronic's Downpipe is designed to utilize the OEM mounting locations to ensure a seamless direct bolt-on upgrade, while securely fastening the downpipe to the engine. Unitronic's Downpipe also features an 4-inch corrugated stainless steel flex section to further ensure long-term longevity and integrity.

Unitronic's Exhaust Systems feature a unique v-band fastening system, using T316 stainless steel flanges and a locking ring to guarantee a centric alignment of the two v-band flanges to ensure a leak proof connection every time. Fully reusable and quick to install.

Throughout the research and development process of Unitronic's Exhaust Systems, sound both in- and outside of the cabin is also a very important factor. Unitronic's mufflers feature high density, high temperature glass fiber packing and are stamped with the Unitronic logo and use a straight-through, free flowing muffler design. These attributes combined ensure maximum performance and sportier sound is achieved, all while maintaining a comfortable tone inside the cabin. Existing at the rear, exhaust gasses pass through polished 3.5” double wall polished tips featuring an engraved Unitronic logo for a more aggressive, motorsports-esque look.

Unitronic Turbo-Back

Combine with Unitronic Stage 2 Performance Software boosting performance to 337HP / 370LB-TQ on your A3.


Direct bolt-on fitment with OEM mounting locations

3-inch T304 stainless steel tubing

T316 stainless steel flanges

200-cell metallic matrix high-flow catalysts

Factory catalysts position for maximum efficiency

OEM-inspired catalytic converter heat shields to reduce radiant heat

Proper Oxygen sensor placement

Corrugated stainless steel flex section

TIG welded construction

Unique v-band fastening system featuring Clampco® clamps

Straight-through, free flowing muffler design

Polished 3.5-inch double wall polished exhaust tips w/ engraved Unitronic logo


Unitronic Downpipe for 8V Audi A3, S3, TTS and MK7 Golf R: 959.99$ (USD)

Unitronic Cat-Back Exhaust System for 8V Audi A3: 1099.99$ (USD)

Unitronic Turbo-Back Exhaust System for 8V Audi A3: 1899.99$ (USD)

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