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The Unitronic Experience

The Unitronic Experience

There’s nothing better than feedback from Clients who have already chosen Unitronic Performance Software and Hardware. While it’s often hard to translate into words, we encourage you to watch the videos below and see how these Clients’ candid reactions after their vehicle was tuned with Unitronic Performance Software.

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Steven Brice

Today I took my 2008 Audi A3 2.0T FSi in for a stage+1 flash. WOW~! I never felt this much power in my car. I can pull away in 6th gear without having to down shift to 5th. Just for fun I dropped down to 4th and punch it and the car took off like a rocket. Raced an Infinity g35R and left him two car lengths behind. The best 600 bucks spent on my car. Thanks to the crew at central tire in sinking springs Pa.

Maximilian Kiemes

It's been almost a year now since I had a stage 2 flashed on my 03 Jetta. Many people came up to me on the day I got it flashed and told me " It's all fun to have that power, trust me I Know, but you'll tire of the constant surging in towns and thrill of having a super boosted car will soon wear off...Within 3-4 weeks. Sorry man I think you wasted your money." Its been 10 months now and every time I lean my foot on the go pedal next to some rich dad's Merc or BMW with a "super cool" high school kid behind the wheel, the look on there face as they fall behind and are unable to keep up is beyond priceless. In my area of town, if someone is talking smack and i'm not around someone is always there to back me up with a "I know a Jetta that'll give you a run for your money" A thousand thank you's for almost a year at 24 lb's, ~Max

Joey Ruffolo

So After owning the car for three years (to the day) I decided it was time for more power. I spoke with Derick at Unitronic, knowing that the power curve was exactly what I was looking for. After receiving the information I wanted, I decided to set up an appt over at Mobile One Inc in Glenview, IL. I’m familiar with Jason at Mobile One, as I have talked to him at local events, and knew that my car was in good hands. 30 minutes after he took the car in, he told me it was ready.

Got in the car and since it was still warm, I let it rip. HOLY SHIT is all I have to say. I was planted to the seat, as I spun my tires shifting into second gear. I observed almost no power loss as the DSG shifts so quickly. I was tearing through the gears on the empty street and the power just kept coming. Little did I know, I was already approaching 100mph. Then on my 45 min drive back to school, I got over 30mpg’s at 80mph, which is ridiculous if you ask me. All in all, I gotta say the power is worth the price. Left me smiling, and the great gas mileage is an even better plus.

Javier Angel

hola!!!! Repro realizada Stage 1 Bora 1.8t la verdad otro auto una reaccion increible... estoy muy feliz gracias Unitronic, muy buen trabajo seba.

eric wilson

when i bought my 04 passat 4motion it was slow of the start a half hour after i got the stage 1 its alot more interesting to drive. thanks a million unitronic.P.S im looking for an exaust upgrade mine is dual.

Masood Abdulla

Just want to throw a Big THANK YOU to Mike and Yoshen Maistry for going above and beyond to chip my car for three days in a row till they got it to a level they were happy with ,The results are amazing, Im running the GT3071r Eliminator Kit E2.I also had it on my Standard Setup K03s. I will totally recommend Unitronic Software to anyone wanting a blast of a ride and awesome customer experience. AGAIN THANKS GUYS YOU ROCK!

Norman Aguiar

WoW what can i say I have stage 2 tuning on my 2003 VW Jetta wolfsburg edition 1.8T. I was driving without the tuning for 3 years. I did some upgrades and mods to my car, for instance cross drilled rotors all the way around, intake system, 3" full exhaust turbo back, and an electric boost controller. I thought that was fast already, but the stage 2 tuning that I did to my car is so insane I don't know why I went so long without one.The difference between what I had to what I have now is night and day. There is only one problem with the stage 2 tuning from UNITRONIC it will get you a lot of speeding tickets! lol.Other than the speeding tickets there is nothing wrong with the stage 2 tuning chip. Words can't even explain how insane this tuner is. If you do not have one in your car I highly recommend it for any VW lovers. You will not be disappointed. What else can I say but WOW UNBELIEVABLE I LOVE IT!!!!!


I had my 02 TT225Q flashed with Stage 1+ at H2Oi last year. The difference from stock is incredible. It made me fall in love with my car all over again. Thanks guys!


Best so far I have run. Great customer support, great techinical support. I was amazed buy the awesome performance over the other competitions. I am 3076R 1.8T Jetta Running 630 soon to be 830 file !!!! GREAT JOB UNITRONIC


I just got my Leon II 1.8TSI flashed and all i can say is.. WOW. Torque increment is above amazing, definitely feels like a new car. Thank you UNITRONIC!


Just had my 2005 Audi A4 Avant 1.8T flashed with Unitronic. I was most impressed by the fact that when my ECM information was uploaded, the folks at Unitronic recocnized that my ECM had 2 important factory upgrades missing. Unitronic provided the factory upgrades with the performance flash. All I can say is wow! What a difference in performance - it truely is like having a brand new car. The torque is amazing and the car pulls incredibly hard. I was informed that the fuel economy would be improved but I have not noticed that because now I always have my foot into it because it's so damn much fun to drive. Thanks for the smile on my face!


This is definitely a top of the line product. When I got my Unitronic Stage 1 for my audi a6 2.7T, I was amazed by performance in speed and most especially in torque. Thanks unitronics!

joe AKA armoworrior

i bought an '04 GTI that had a 3' turbo back and and the bosch N75 valve on it. got the car up to 140. then i had the stage 2 put on it. the car drives better accelerates faster and well now i have no idea how fast the car goes. but it gets there very quick. i took the car to my local dealer and let the sales guy drive the car and now he is going to get chipped. I just like the fact that I am now faster than any new VW from the factory. I looked in to a lot of chips for the car and for the money these ones are the best by far.

Chris in New York City

I recently received the Unitronic Flash for my B6 S4 (4.2L V8). All I can say is Holy WOW!!!!! The car has competely taken on a new, more exciting nature. It is now fun to drive the car and it feels so much better than how the car came from Ingolstadt. For a little background, I live in New York City. There are quite a few different performance tuning shops and independent shops in our Tri-state area (NYC proper, North and Central New Jersey, Eastern Pennslyvania and South Eastern Connecticut). All of the shops have the familiar names for performance software: APR, GIAC, O.C.T, Unitronic, PES, etc.... After about 2 years with the S4, we decided to take the leap and get a performance software flash. Luckily, I had been dealing with an independent shop in the area for quite some time who happened to be a distributor for two Performance Tuning companies. Between the distrubutor and myself having a long, exhaustive and rather frustrating experience with a tuner based out of the Southern part of the United States, I decided to go with the Unitronic for a variety of reasons. Mainly because I had heard great stories about their customer service and willingness to go the extra mile for their customers. So on to the tangible items: First thing - With the stock ECU programming, the Drive-By-Wire system would go into what I will call "freak-out" mode. Strange things would happen during this time: Wanting 75% throttle but only getting 25% throttle (or at times no throttle what so ever!), wanting 25% throttle but getting 75% throttle which made driving in New York City traffic always a very exciting time, needing Wide Open Throttle (100% throttle) to avoid accidents, debris falling from other vehciles, people running redlights while you are in the middle of the intersection and getting no throttle at all and/or the infamous "jerk" between 1st and 2nd gears. This was an issue that many B6/7 S4 owners would report. One would either stall the car from a standstill in first gear or no matter how smooth you shift, the car would just buck like a rodeo bull when shifting into 2nd gear. With the Unitronic flash, all of the DBW issues have disappeared. Second thing - the Upper RPM range characteristic of the engine has completely come alive. with the stock ECU programming, 4th and 5th gears were always a little "lacking" around 5500 and above. The car would not really pull as much as one would expect from a 4.2L engine. It was as if the power would go more "flat" and plateau (and this would even occur with the Sunoco 94 Octane gas). With the Unitronic flash, the >5K RPM range is fantasitic! The engine really pulls all the way to redline. In fact, the engine seems to "come alive" after 5K now with the flash. One can truly feel the HP up top as you are pressed more into the seat via postive Gs. Unfortunately, I did not do dyno runs pre-post flash. However, the car definitely feels much stronger; the higher speeds come on much quicker now than before with the stock programming. Third thing - increase in gas mileage. As many with this car will tell you, the gas mileage on the car was pretty bad. One would be lucky to get 18MPG on the highway if you are going 75MPH-90MPH. The highest we ever got out of the car (cruise control set at 100KM/H on a flat services) was 22.5 MPG. Not too shabby considering the car is rated at 14/20. With the Unitronic flash, using the same stretch of road we got 22.5MPG at 100KM/h, now reads an average of 25.1 MPG (this was an average of 4 runs on the stretch of road). Of course, if one wanted great gas mileage, the B6/7 S4 is not the car to achieve record setting highway MPG. However, it shows the efficiency of the software and how the fuel is being used by the engine Fourth item - the "wow" factor is back. When I first test drove the S4, I have to admit it felt fairly quick. Coming from a 1.8T car, the S4 had the exact feeling I was looking for in terms of performance (especially acceleration - standstill, 5MPH - XXX and the highway passing acceleration). However, within about 4 hours, the car started to feel flat and slightly sluggish. It needed just a little more power to real feel like a "sports sedan." With the Unitronic Flash, the car now feels like it is supposed to feel: quick, "peppy" and loving to rev up high. Of course, I could use about 75 more HP but that will be the next purchase at some point in the future. Summary: for those on the fence about getting this software, I would highly recommend taking the leap! The car will feel much better, the power will be more linear and not peaking out after 5500 RPM and the same smile you had when you first got the car will most likely come back. My one recommendation: keep a good brake dust cleaner with you as you will be using your brakes more often from *ahem* higher speeds. :-)


new cupra tfsi unitronic stage 2+plus perfect super turkey-istanbul gt30r mitsubishi evo6 1.3bar ,newcupra unitronic rolling =winner cupra.........

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