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UniFLEX Hardware and Software for MK8 GTI 2.0TSI EVO4 - Now Available

May 06th, 2024 Products

Unitronic is pleased to announce the official launch of UniFLEX, the world's first and most robust Flex Fuel package of Performance Software and Hardware — now available for the MK8 GTI® 2.0TSI® EVO4 and coming soon for the MK8 Golf R® / 8Y S3®, and many more modern Audi®, Cupra®/Seat®, Skoda®, Lamborghini®, and Volkswagen® applications as well.


UniFLEX kitUniFLEX kit


Unitronic’s UniFLEX Hardware Kit includes all the necessary components to make flex fuel integration as effortless as possible. Comprised of our proprietary UniFLEX ethanol device, a genuine Continental ethanol content sensor with all required fittings and harnesses, this kit allows for true plug and play installation.


Ethanol is a renewable biofuel made from various plant materials, most notably corn. Since the growth, production, distillation and shipping are all mostly local, this fuel is often times lower in cost, making it more affordable than gasoline in some cases. You may have heard of Ethanol referred to as E85, which is a common term used to describe the fuel that contains up to 85% ethanol, hence E-85. The remaining concentration is usually gasoline and other additives. In reality, E85 can have varying concentrations of ethanol — aftermarket or race-grade E85 fuels will often contain 85% or higher concentrations of ethanol, but most of the pump-grade E85 that you’ll find at your local gas station will contain between 50% to 85% ethanol.

E85 fuel contains significantly more oxygen, burns cooler and has a much higher resistance to knock compared to conventional gasoline, which unlocks massive performance potential when combined with ECU Performance Software calibrated to maximize performance while using E85. The higher the concentration of ethanol, the more performance potential it has, as E85 with higher ethanol content allows for more ignition timing, etc.

Unitronic MK8 GTI show


Unitronic’s UniFLEX Hardware Kit includes all the necessary components to make flex fuel integration as simple as possible.

• CAN integration of ethanol content data streamed to the ECM

• True plug and play harness — no cutting, splicing, or ECM re-pinning required

• Bluetooth® connectivity with UniE85 Manager iOS/Android App

UniFLEX is Bluetooth® enabled, allowing for wireless connectivity with iOS and Android mobile devices using the Unitronic UniE85 Manager application.

Unitronic UniFLEX Installed MK8 GTI

In order to facilitate the installation of the UniFLEX device within the engine bay, Unitronic specifically designed an aluminum Mounting Bracket which features numerous mounting points, allowing customers to install their UniFLEX device in vertical or horizontal orientation on their MQB chassis vehicles.

UniFLEX BracketUniFLEX Bracket

Unitronic E85 manager

App store downloadGoogle play download

Unitronic's E85 Manager application allows you to monitor your vehicle’s current ethanol content and integrate this fuel composition data over your vehicle's CAN-BUS system, when combined together with the UniFLEX module, an Ethanol Content Sensor and FLEX ECU Performance Software, while using your mobile device's Bluetooth connection.

Unitronic E85 manager

The included E85 Mix Calculator allows you to calculate current and future gas/ethanol content blends to ensure you can achieve your target ethanol content using your fuel tank size, current fuel level, current ethanol content, target ethanol content, and more!

• View Ethanol Content & Fuel Temperature

• Customize Sensor Calibration Offsets and CAN integrations*

• E85 Mix Calculator

• OTA Updates

*Even if you’re not using UniFLEX with Unitronic’s Flex enabled ECU Performance Software calibrations, customizable CAN integrations are available for use with other tuner’s ECU calibrations, negating the need to run additional wires to the ECU, through the firewall into the passenger compartment, or the need to keep additional accessories connected to the vehicle’s OBD2 port. We encourage you and your tuner to reach out to learn more about the customizable CAN integrations available with UniFLEX!

UniFLEX Hardware standUniFLEX Hardware stand


Unitronic offers multiple FLEX enabled ECU Performance Software Calibrations which feature the implementation of its own flex fuel code and additional control mapping into the factory SIMOS 19.6 engine control modules. When combined with Unitronic’s UniFLEX hardware, Unitronic’s FLEX code receives ethanol content over the CAN-bus and utilizes this fuel composition data to blend mapping of timing, boost pressure, fueling, and much more completely on-the-fly. Simplified, this allows for seamless transitions from 0% to 85% ethanol content — or said another way, 100% gasoline to 85% ethanol and anywhere in between, without needing an ECU reflash.

Unitronic MK8 GTI track

Unitronic’s FLEX enabled ECU Performance Software calibrations carry the same recommended and required supporting hardware modifications** as the original non-flex fuel enabled variants, aside from the UniFLEX hardware kit and stage files, and are offered for use with both 91 octane and 93 octane gasses.

• Stage 1 91oct UniFLEX Low Torque GBX (For 91 - E85)

• Stage 1 91oct UniFLEX Full Torque (For 91 - E85)

• Stage 1+ 93oct UniFLEX Low Torque GBX (For 93 - E85)

• Stage 1+ 93oct UniFLEX Full Torque (For 93 - E85)

• Stage 2 91oct UniFLEX Low Torque GBX (For 91 - E85)

• Stage 2 91oct UniFLEX Full Torque (For 91 - E85)

• Stage 2 93oct UniFLEX Low Torque GBX (For 93 - E85)

• Stage 2 93oct UniFLEX Full Torque (For 93 - E85)

Stage 1 91Stage 1+ E85

Stage 2 91Stage 2 E85



The OEM Boost Gauge has been recalibrated to show relative/gauge pressure rather than absolute pressure.


The coolant temperature gauge has been patched to show actual coolant temperature as opposed to the "dummy" gauge as is factory.


Due to popular demand, Unitronic has implemented sportier impulse combustion sound tuning.


High-Speed Datalogging with proprietary custom ECU code patch that allows for data acquisition of hundreds of variables collected at 50Hz in a single log, which allows to collection and analysis of 100% of the OEM process. Other logging tools severely limit data collection variables which make it impossible to have a complete view of the OEM processes, therefore limiting the other tuner's abilities.


Additional UniLogger support with custom tailored ECU logging profiles for each SIMOS 19.6 EPK to collect all the data required at the highest sampling rate possible for fast and efficient data collection.


Thanks to Unitronic's proprietary code-based adjustments incorporated into its UniFLEX Enabled ECU software, fuel composition data (ethanol content and fuel temperature) is streamed via the OEM bio-fuel OBD2 PIDs, allowing 3rd party devices like P3 gauges to pickup and display ethanol content via the OBD2 port.

**Specific Tuned files are subject to availability for your ECU box code. If Tuned Files are not available for your ECU box code, please submit a Tuned File Request or email support@getunitronic.com for more information.


• Stage 3 91oct UniFLEX Low Torque GBX (COMING SOON)

• Stage 3 91oct UniFLEX Full Torque (COMING SOON)

• Stage 3 93oct UniFLEX Low Torque GBX (COMING SOON)

• Stage 3 93oct UniFLEX Full Torque (COMING SOON)

Along with its upcoming Stage 3 UniFLEX calibrations, Unitronic will be offering Low Torque GBX variants (stock fuel system) and Full Torque variants (upgraded fuel system) for maximum convenience and performance. In order to utilize Stage 3 E85 UniFLEX Full Torque calibrations, Unitronic's complete Fuel System Upgrade Kit is required for the MK8 GTI. This kit is comprised of an MPI Upgrade and LPFP Solution which greatly increases fuel flow while providing greater stability under load for improved performance and reliability in the most demanding driving scenarios and is supported with native integration and control within the OEM SIMOS 19.6 ECU, something in which no other ECU tuner has brought to market yet.

Unitronic MK8 Fuel System Upgrade


Unitronic has implemented its own error handling routines, fail safes, and other safety mechanisms, triggering limp mode all of which are supported by Unitronic's proprietary DTC manager and added custom fault codes to protect against implausibility, lost ethanol content sensor signal, and more. Unitronic’s FLEX fuel package also offers users several different ways to conveniently view ethanol content and fuel temperature on-the-fly including wirelessly via Bluetooth® with UniFLEX and the UniE85 Manager iOS/Android application, with Unitronic’s UniCONNECT+ data logger and also directly on the vehicle’s instrument cluster / digital cockpit’s performance meter.

When flashed with a Unitronic FLEX enabled ECU calibration, the factory performance meter will now show ethanol content percentage when the cruise control is set to the OFF position. Best of all, cruise control functionality remains unaffected and the performance meter works like stock, showing engine power when the cruise control is turned on and/or engaged.

Unitronic E85 Manager


Unitronic is confident that its new UniFLEX Hardware and Software offerings will perfectly compliment your MK8 GTI following years of extensive knowledge, testing and refinements made with this technology in other VW/AUDI applications. Thanks to the added convenience of being able to use gasoline or ethanol on-the-fly in order to achieve peak performance on the street or at the track, plus mobile and CAN-bus integration, this highly anticipated package is sure to impress customers and enthusiasts all around the world.


2021+ VW GTI 2.0TSI EVO4

2021+ VW Golf R 2.0TSI EVO4 (coming soon)

2021+ Audi S3 2.0TSI EVO4 (coming soon)

• Subject to ECU box code availability.
• Additional fees apply for all FLEX enabled calibrations.
• Contact Unitronic or your preferred Authorized Dealer for more information.

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