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Unitronic REV.2 Performance Downpipe for EA888.3 MQB Vehicles - Now Available

Oct 18th, 2023 Products

Unitronic® is proud to release its latest Performance Downpipe for 1.8/2.0TSI EA888.3 MQB vehicles. This Performance Downpipe is a direct bolt-on upgrade, designed to optimally eliminate unwanted restrictions in the factory downpipe, reduce turbo lag and enhance the exhaust note, while utilizing a GESi 5” 400cpsi ultra high output catalytic converter. GESi’s GEN2 ultra high output (UHO+) catalytic converters were designed in conjunction with Unitronic for several 2017+ Audi and Volkswagen® applications and are rated at up to 1000HP by GESi. Featuring a CFD optimized cast upper section with stainless steel construction, this Performance Downpipe is the ultimate upgrade for your EA888.3 vehicle.


One key area of development for Unitronic Engineers was the catalytic converter on this Performance Downpipe. While working closely with GESi through several iterations of their G-Sport Emissions Systems Catalytic Converters over the years, our goal once again was to ensure this product would satisfy our compliance demands, while fulfilling Unitronic's performance related goals. Based on the exceptional performance of these catalytic converters elsewhere in Unitronic's product lineup, the engineering team once again opted for a GESi 5" UHO+ converter, which met the requirements for the 1.8/2.0TSI EA888.3 engines, while being rated for a massive 1000HP. Paired with CFD optimized castings in the upper downpipe section, the large 5" catalytic converter helps provides exceptional flow.


As with all Unitronic products, this Performance Downpipe has gone through months of rigorous testing in a wide range of conditions on the road, track and dyno in order to ensure they meet our high standards for reliability and function. Warranty Registration is REQUIRED for all products integrating GESi Catalyst(s) HERE.




Unitronic has also specifically designed multiple reducers allowing this Performance Downpipe to fit various MQB vehicles while offering direct fitment with the factory exhaust system, Unitronic Cat-Back Exhaust Systems or other cat-back exhausts systems via universal links as well.


In order to take full advantage of this all-new Performance Downpipe, Unitronic Stage 2 ECU Software is available for all the hottest 1.8/2.0TSI powered vehicles including the MK7 Golf, GTI, Golf R, 8V A3, S3, 8S TT, TTS and many more. With testing and validations completed, power outputs are increased to 397HP / 368LB-FT with Unitronic Stage 2 93octane/98ron Performance Software on the more powerful MK7 Golf R, 8V S3 and 8S TTS. These software upgrades are entirely compatible with our UniCONNECT+ cable, empowering Clients to tune their vehicles directly through the OBD-2 port within minutes, from the comfort of their own home or garage.


To support the needs of our most demanding customers, a wide range of Unitronic Hardware upgrades have been developed for the 1.8/2.0TSI MQB platform over the years. Starting at the front of the vehicle and going all the way to the rear, Unitronic left no stone unturned and made improvements across the vast majority of components affecting overall power and drivability.




For MK7 GTI, MK7 Golf R, 8V A3 and 8V S3 enthusiasts looking for a bit more performance and a more aggressive exhaust note, Unitronic also offers several Cat-Back Exhaust Systems with customizable tips. These premium Exhaust Systems are constructed of high quality stainless steel and feature sound absorption technology which does not introduce drone into the cabin. Golf R and S3 versions retain the factory exhaust valve functionality as well.





• GESi 5” G-Sport Ultra High Output UHO+ 400cpsi Catalytic Converter

• Meets or exceeds local testing standards

• CFD Optimized Upper Downpipe Castings

• TIG-welded construction

• Factory catalyst placement for maximum efficiency

• Oxygen Sensor provision maintained

• OEM-style corrugated mesh flex bellow

• Direct bolt-on fitment

• Enhanced exhaust note

• Reducers available for factory or upgraded cat-back systems


2015-2020 VW Golf 1.8TSI EA888.3 MQB

2015-2020 VW GTI 2.0TSI EA888.3 MQB

2015-2020 VW Golf R 2.0TSI EA888.3 MQB

2015-2020 Audi A3 1.8 TSI EA888.3 MQB

2015-2020 Audi A3 2.0TSI EA888.3 MQB

2015-2020 Audi S3 2.0TSI EA888.3 MQB

2015-2020 Audi TT 2.0TSI EA888.3 MQB

2015-2020 Audi TTS 2.0TSI EA888.3 MQB

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